7 Great Reasons To Have Sex

(As if sex weren't enough)

Brook Genkin

Scene Online Editor

Published: Friday, February 13, 2009

1. Chill out

Stressed? Try a 45-minute sack session to chill out. Before and after
orgasm, the body releases oxytocin, a hormone known to reduce stress
and improve moods. Engaging in intercourse regularly has even been
proven to reduce mild anxiety and depression as well as help
insomniacs get rest. A surprising bonus: When more relaxed, the body
is better able to absorb nutrients from food.

2. Stay healthy during cold/flu season

Having sex a few times a week has been linked to a higher production
of Immunoglobin A (IgA), an antibody that protects against common
viruses such as the cold or flu. The hormone DHEA is also produced
during orgasm and is used by the body to balance the immune system and
promote bone growth, tissue repair and sharpened cognition.

3. Pain, what pain?

The surge of oxytocin that reduces stress also signals a release of
endorphins and corticosteroids, creating analgesic effects that
relieve aches and pains and have even been proven to reduce the
frequency, duration and severity of migraine headaches.

4. Sex makes you happy

Feeling down? Try having sex! Not only does it feel good physically,
but it improves mental health as well. The physical engagement along
with an emotional one encourages the body to release endorphins and
serotonin, both of which lead to feelings of pleasure and happiness,
thus reducing symptoms of depression.

5. Bye-bye, cancer

Humans, and all animals, really were by design made to copulate. Not
doing so creates an excess of female and male hormones which have been
shown to increase the risk of cancer. The good news: Regular
engagement in sexual activity promotes normal cell-function and
growth, reducing the risk of breast cancer in women and prostate
cancer in men.

6. Burn, baby, burn (calories, that is)

Sex is definitely not a replacement for regular exercise, but it is a
great way to supplement a regular workout routine. The average person
engaging in moderately-active sex for 30-45 minutes burns 150-200

7. Look better naked

Much like a regular yoga practice, the different positions held during
sex can tone and strengthen muscles that you wouldn't ordinarily
target in the gym.

Want to make your sack session more like a workout? Here are a few tips:

While on the bottom, use abdomen muscles to sit up and kiss your
partner. While on top, use your biceps and triceps to create a plank
with your body, working abs and arms simultaneously.

More adventurous? Positions like the "lotus" stretch knees and hips,
releasing built up synovial fluid and increasing flexibility of
joints. Moves that involve putting legs in a V or toward the face and
positions like "ballerina" give a nice stretch to hamstrings. The
"arch" and "stand and carry" require some work but work several muscle
groups at one time, strengthening muscle groups that may not be as
effectively targeted in the gym.

Some less obvious benefits of sex include:

Better bladder control: Regular use of Kegel muscles (muscles used in
sex and to hold in urine) makes them stronger.

Stronger, healthier teeth: Semen contains zinc, calcium and other
minerals that hinder tooth decay.

Improved sense of smell: The body produces the hormone prolactin
post-intercourse, which stimulates stem cells in the brain to form new
neurons in the olfactory region of the brain, thus enhancing our sense
of smell

Reduces the risk of heart disease: Patients who engage in regular
sexual intercourse have been shown to be half as likely as others to
develop heart disease.


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